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My Trip to Australia - Day Two #kindafree

Sunday, June 13th, 2021

I refuse to say where I was for the night. On grounds of incrimination under the laws of the People's Republic of Danistan. But I happily spent it with my beloved. Before the Stasi could show up, we opt to head out for a romantic brunch. Remember, you can't stay at someone's house but you can go to a cafe with a bunch of strangers.

We head to one of my other favourite coffee shops and I grab what is the most amazing breakfast ever. A symphony of flavour exists in these Spanish Baked Eggs.

The sourdough bread is also so perfectly toasted with just enough of a drizzle of butter. As I say a symphony of flavour.

Besides a lot of handsies and catching up, we are still working on ways around the 25km travel limit to get up to Sydney tomorrow for the game. I would be "fine" because I wouldn't return to Victoria afterwards and could claim I was transiting to the United States. But based on the Victorian Stasi at the airport yesterday when I flew in it's figured that it would be too risky for anyone returning to the People's Republic of Danistan. It is sadly with a heavy heart that we must abandon the plan to see a live game of footy. Attention turns to booking a pub for tomorrow and hopefully, I can catch up with some footy friends at the same time and watch it on the telly over a few drinkies.

After lunch it was over to my folk's place to spend the afternoon with them, oops sorry, come at me, Stasi! I savour every minute I can get right now with them. I have to fly back on Wednesday and despite planning to be back in September there are no guarantees of that. Hell in July last year I said the same words and here we are together for the first time in nearly a year.

That evening I have dinner with my tenants who rent out the apartment I bought in 2015 and have never had a chance to even live in. It was three years behind schedule and I was in the United States by the time settlement came around. Getting a home loan was near impossible because of it. Although the only thing I would say 'thank you' to the Chairman, is the fact that he did close the "Sunset" Clause on properties bought off the plan. Otherwise, I reckon I would've lost my deposit with that kind of building delay.

More importantly, at Dinner, I finally get my hands on an Aussie Parmy.

To you Yanks, this is how you have a Chicken Parmigiana, not with spaghetti!

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