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My Trip to Australia - Quarantine Day Nine #noRona

Day 9 (technically 8) - Sunday, June 6th 2021

One thing that is missed in quarantine is the ability to have a lazy Sunday morning and sleep in. I try to, believe me, but when you get a knock on the door at 07:30 for your breakfast it's hard to sleep in when you've been woken up. I am still trying to figure out what that clicking sound is. It sounds like once all the meals are placed outside the doors the person uses her tongs as they walk back up the hallway. It certainly isn't the wheels on the trolley, it's weird.

The lack of fresh air is getting to me though. I've had a splitting headache for the last couple of days. Before you think it's the sugar hit from all the junk food I've had delivered to my room you'd be wrong. Everything in moderation. I have read that this is a common side-effect of many who have been in Quarantine. To be honest, no shite!

As much as I'm opposed to these Quarantine Camps, for a lot of reasons, at least there would be open windows. If you're not going to end the quarantine and are paranoid about the city sites, then move to hotels that are out in the sticks and permit open windows.

I notice that the centre part of the window in my room at one point probably allowed it to be opened. As I'm noticing this I see the sealant around the edges of it and there's a little hole to the outside. I can assure you I didn't make it. But I better alert the paranoid country about it. If someone in this room has Rona it could spread outside. Especially when the room gets a burst of air from the corridor when the door is open.

In fact, maybe I could start chipping away at the hole and plan an escape. Does anyone have a Rita Hayworth poster handy?

Quick alert the authorities, that small hole might spread Rona to the outside.

To assist with my headache I spend the early afternoon doing Yoga and some meditation. It's been the perfect sanity release in this last week. I have been asked why I didn't opt to get an exercise bike for my room, which you can do but I don't need to. If there is any time that Yoga is the perfect exercise it's in a hotel room you haven't left for over a week.

That afternoon I do a Zoom session with some of my two favourite colleagues from a past job. The guys I've dubbed "My Greek Boys." One is a lifelong friend, being my flight instructor and mentor since my Private License. The other I worked with for over three years. When you put these two together it's like chatting to a Greek Waldorf and Statler.

Although they raised a good point., That when I get my Quarantine bill I should only pay for half of it. I was in the process of being released on Day Seven and even had the exemption on the table ready to be approved by the hotel doctor. Tested negative but got denied as someone else on my flight has COVID. I was about to leave and free up a spot in the programme, but they kept me here. It's a fair point. I don't like my chances though.

For dinner it's fish and I opt to polish it off with a glass of red.

Well, Mr Bond, each day I see Australia headed that way, so if you can't beat them join them. Although further proof I'm in the home straight is when I get a call that night from the hotel reception. The call asked me what time I will be leaving next Saturday morning. Definitely past the halfway point now.

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