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My Trip to Australia - Day Three #kindafree

Monday, June 14th 2021

The biggest day of the year for a Melbourne supporter. Oh how I wish I could be spending today at the MCG with my footy friends in the stands, but you know.

The first order of business today was to get my Day 16 COVID test. I drive over to one of the testing centres and there are about five checkpoints as you snake your way around a parking lot to only come back down to the testers. I take great delight when each checkpoint asks me why I am needing to be tested and I reply "because the Government said so." After the test, I am told by the doctor that I have to go home and isolate and I replied "fat chance" and I show them once again the paperwork from NSW Health that says I don't have to.

I then head to Brighton Beach to catch up with one half of the Greek Waldorf and Statler to grab a coffee and walk his dog. I thought Victoria was under restrictions, you could've fooled me with the number of people out and about on the shoreline. Yes, I am aware that none of these people are breaking the law, but if there is this amount of people who are in one spot with no form of "contact tracing", then why couldn't the MCG be partially filled today?

This pic doesn't do the crowds justice, especially the lines at the coffee shops.

A lot of my social circles revolve around the footy. Today was going to be the perfect opportunity to see virtually everyone I could in one hit. Instead of having to pick and choose who was worthy to get my presence during my short time in Melbourne.

A positive though, finally the Border force guys have realised that I do have to go back to the United States and have granted me an Exemption that basically says "You're Exempt, from an Exemption". A process that should never be required in a liberal democracy. My partner and family should have a right to fly over and see me whenever they want and not be told they can't or be restricted from returning home. It just makes me so mad where Australia is right now.

In the afternoon we head over to a pub in Richmond to watch the Big Freeze and the game. The turnout of people was very lacklustre, nothing but my folks, partner and his roommate. What a shame no one else turned up. It's clear that when the game was moved many made plans to basically be anti-social this weekend. There were some fellow fans there and like anyone wearing your colours they form part of your group. I did spread my "propaganda" to these newfound friends of how the US was going at this point in time. Quick Australian authorities you better shut me down. I forget that according to you guys the world has ended.

J. Farmer One Vote
S. Jones Two Votes
G. McLachlan Three Votes

I message a friend who was sitting at work doing absolutely nothing because there was no work, due to a lack of flights coming in and out of Tullamarine, nevertheless, he was required to be there. We grade the sliders as they come down the slide and without a doubt, we both agreed, it was Gillian McLachlan who got the three votes. I also message him telling him to put some money on the Pies to win, he doesn't believe me, he does regret it.

Espresso Martinis are a victory drink for myself and a friend. Just being here I consider a victory now.

Besides the result, it was with some disappointment to basically just do what I was doing in the US. Watching a TV feed over a drink or two. But at least there was an element of enjoyment in watching it with my loved ones and finally getting to Australia and breaking open the packaging for my 2021 Scarf.

This wasn't exactly the idea I had when I planned this trip many weeks ago but it was the best I could've hoped for. I don't regret flying down to Melbourne. But with the result going the way it did, at least we didn't break Victorian law to go and see a loss.

Therefore we'll consider that the win for the day.

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