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My Trip to Australia - Quarantine Day Eight #noRona

Day 8 (technically 7) - Saturday, June 5th 2021

Today was my planned departure to return to the states. I was hoping to cut my losses and head back to work. The emails from my company offering pay of 300% to work overtime just added insult to injury that I'm stuck here. Nevertheless, it's clear that I'm now in here for the long run.

Despite having a COVID swab only a day ago as part of my exemption process it doesn't mean I can avoid having this one as part of the standard Quarantine process. Unfortunately, the nurse conducting it is short and only comes up to my chest. As such I have to squat in order for her to swab my throat and nostrils. My squat and the nurse's, probably, overcompensation for her height means I have the most invasive swab I've had since Costa Rica.

After my test, I call and ask reception for some fresh towels and have to dispose of my old ones as if it's a biohazard. I'd be keen to know if Sydney, like Melbourne, keeps the towels in a public parking lot. I seriously doubt it.

A biohazard bag for towels?
Towels double-bagged and ready to be placed outside.

Lunch today was absolutely amazing though. Something I have been dying for, not just a salad but a good salad. Lunch was Thai Chicken Salad and it was divine. But as one of my family friends would say "I have a balanced diet, half good, half crap" and this meal was no different. Along with the salad was a packet of Twisties.

Now, this is probably blasphemy, but I am in the Chicken Twisties camp. So I can't remember the last time I ever had Cheese Twisties, but it's either a lack of having them for over a decade or my tastebuds have changed, but they hit the spot. On the topic of junk food, as I'm stuck here for another week I get another care package from Woolies of the food I was missing. I can't help but think "this might be why I've lost weight in the US".

More comfort food, oh who are we kidding, junk food.

But the real thrill came tonight. I was looking forward to dinner since I got today's menu, yesterday.

Roast Lamb, is the one thing I haven't had for a very long time. It was amazing. Just needed either more gravy or some mint sauce. I may have been ripped off with the hotel, but I can't complain about the food, I definitely got lucky in that sense.

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