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My Trip to Australia - Quarantine Day Thirteen #noRona

Day 13 (technically 12) - Thursday, June 10th 2021

The day starts with finishing class at 5:00 am. I pass my recurrent exam with a mark of 98%. I blame the hour of the day for changing one of my answers during my review as to why I didn't get 100%. But the bonus here is that breakfast is usually delivered at 07:30 or by 8 at the latest. That should give me at least three hours of sleep. I want to be awake for breakfast today. It's pancakes!

Unfortunately, I sleep straight through it. I am awoken by a knock on the door and I think, "sweet breakfast" which means I have to wait the standard 30 seconds before I open the door. Instead, I get a stronger knock on the door. It was the health team here for my Day 12 or "Exit test". The second knock is stronger because obviously, it's now an alert phase for them. It turns out it's 11:30 AM and I slept straight through breakfast. I answer the door in my PJs and they apologise for waking me up.

As they are getting the paperwork ready for the swabs the nurse realises that it was my birthday this week and goes jokingly "Did you spend it here?" If it wasn't for fact that she carried a strong Irish accent I probably would've snapped at that. But an English or Irish accent on anyone I must admit makes me go weak at the knees. Instead, I reply with "yeah I didn't get up to anything" and she wishes me a Happy Birthday before going "open up" swabs my throat and then up nostrils she goes. What a wake-up call. I collect my breakfast bag and enjoy my cold pancakes.

I flip on the TV and see that despite it still being illegal to stay with my parents this weekend, the powers that be in Victoria have now backflipped and say that masks must be worn outside now. Despite a journalist getting them to admit there was no evidence it was required or community transmission was present.

No wonder Victoria is so screwed, it's a circus down there. I seriously think they must have a lucky wheel (or dip) as to what the key announcement is for each day's presser. The amount of "ahh" time they have on an open mic would definitely give an airline pilot a run for their money.

I spend the afternoon packing. It's the home straight and I'm leaving like Homer Simpson on Saturday.

I have a feeling that NSW Health has concerns over the case that was on my flight. I mean even on Wednesday they still hadn't identified the strain. But here's the thing guys, if you even attempt to keep me here for another 10 days I won't stand for it. For example, the case isn't in the hotel I am in. Last I spoke with the Hotel Doctor there were no cases in the hotel. Second, assuming I was standing next to the case at the airport or even 15 rows away from them on the flight. It's 12 days since I was "exposed" to this case and have had multiple tests to date that are negative. Seriously? I think I'm safe to be let out on Saturday. Hell, I would've been safe after my first test on arrival, but no, that's not how Australia runs.

Another success occurred today. I have finally discovered what that "clicking" is when the meals are delivered. One of the delivery persons uses their key to tap on each door and that is what is making the clicking sound. At last! It was driving me nuts. Chalk this up as the victory of my Quarantine. It's just a shame they weren't on for this morning to wake me up for my pancakes. I must've been so tired this morning and when breakfast arrived I must've been in that deep sleep where you will never wake up.

It reminds me of a story my Great Uncle shared with me. He was an Aussie who served in Bomber Command during World War 2. He shared a story with us about the exhaustion the crews would have after a mission. One of the places they would go to for some R&R was a Hotel on the beach. He said that the woman who owned the Hotel knew all these guys were there to get some much-needed sleep. Therefore she knew that during an air raid if they had to evacuate they would probably need more than a siren to be awoken. So if that was to occur she would run up and down the staircase whilst she would bang a mental laundry tub with a wooden spoon.

One morning my great uncle went downstairs for breakfast, having had the best sleep in his life and was shocked to see everyone all red-eyed and desperate for coffee. When he inquired as to why everyone looked so tired they were all shocked to find out that he wasn't in the shelter during the night. When they asked where he was, he simply replied "in bed". But as my Great Uncle said if it wasn't bad enough that he slept through an air raid siren, the woman banging her laundry tub, the commotion of everyone evacuating the building he also slept through an aircraft crashing into the building next door. Now that's a deep sleeper. He laughs about it now, especially considering when you add into your mind the sound of an aircraft flying low overhead and slamming into a building next door and you picture in your mind him sleeping through it.

All I will say is I'm looking forward to being able to sleep regular hours tonight. Also more importantly by the time I wake up, I should be in my last 24hrs of this COVID Prison.

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